Date: 2007-03-17
Event: eMusic SXSW Party / Urban Outfitters in-store
Venue: Urban Outfitters #21
City: Austin
State: TX
Country: United States
Recorded: No

Tour: SXSW 2007


No Setlist Available.


From a blog by David: "We eventually all hooked up and headed over to Urban Outfitters for our final show. I know it sounds weird to be playing there and it’s kind of funny to us too, but Drew from Urban is a really great guy and asked us to be on the bill. He got us on a cd sampler to help fight breast cancer along side Cat Power, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Thom Yorke, etc. and he’s also put our music in nearly every Urban Outfitter’s store worldwide. He is a super cool dude and put together a great lineup of bands each day."