Some Songs Your
Mother Sang:

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Black Sky
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Innocent Heathen
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No Words No More
Not Good Enough
Pay For This Dance
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So Red
Stop Your Bleeding
The Beat Comes
This Year
Time of the Season
Trust Me
Victim Card
White Christmas
You'll Be Fine

Innocent Heathen


A version of: Innocent Heathen

It's nothing big to keep the lights on
somehow it's pretty to see them
'cuz no one else will she feeds them
she's such an innocent heathen

There are such better ways to fix things
and they're soft soft
but I have trouble remembering

She doesn't mind to take her clothes off
she missed the Garden of Eden
and now the devil is your best friend
the lake of fire feels like cool wind
she shakes your soul up through the ceiling
the innocent heathen (x 3)
ohhh ohhhh ohhh [fade out]
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Written By: Jordan Jeffares

Jordan Jeffares: Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar
Chandler Rentz: Drums

Recorded At: Random Nooks and Crannies
Recorded By: Jordan Jeffares
Produced By: Jordan Jeffares
Mixed By: Jordan Jeffares
Mixed At: Premium Recording
Mastered By: Alan Douches
Mastered At: West West Side Music
Published By: Snowden's Secret Publishing, LLC (ASCAP)

Appears On:

Live Performances:

2006-08-06 The Earl, Atlanta, GA, United States
2006-12-06 89.3 The Current FM, St. Paul, MN,
2007-06-05 Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, United States
2008-02-22 The Earl, Atlanta, GA, United States
2008-05-12 Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC, United States
2008-05-15 Mercury Lounge, New York, NY, United States
2008-05-24 Varsity, Minneapolis, MN, United States
2008-06-28 Lenny's, Atlanta, GA, United States
2008-12-10 Back Booth, Orlando, FL, United States
2009-05-23 Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA, United States
2009-06-06 White Room, Miami, FL, United States
2009-07-03 The Earl, Atlanta, GA, United States
2013-02-22 DC 9, Washington, DC, United States
2013-02-23 Mercury Lounge, New York, NY, United States