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this the jam: vol. 1

Sometimes all the stars just align and things fall together. About 8 months ago my friend Eric asked me to put together a new dance mix for him. After working a bit and then taking an extended break (and subsequently forgetting about it), I was recently reminded about it by my friend Jessica (founder of this the jam). Around the same time a dj friend of mine sent me a 42 minute mix, his first public mix 12 years AND another friend asked me if I was interested in sharing a night at a local coffee shop to do some split dj sets. Yet another friend asked me for some electronic music recommendations and I sent him a years old dj set which he really liked.

It was evident the universe was trying to tell me something. Last night I sat down and spent about three hours planning my latest mix. I combined all the elements of each of these events and created a 42 minute dj set consisting of my favorite electronic music from the last few years, titled “this the jam: vol. 1″ and you can download or stream it using the following link:


–tracklist (also embedded into mp3 comment)–

01) Riot In Belgium – La Musique (Evolver Edit)
02) Fever Ray – When I Grow Up (Encephalitis Remix)
03) Shab Ruffcut – Twist (Stupid Fresh Remix)
04) Snowden – Red Handed (True Pseduo Remix)
05) Last Japan vs Crispin J Glover ft Kay Young – DJ Saved My Life
06) MIA – URAQT (Luvtek Remix)
07) Dragonette – I Get Around (Robbed By Robots Remix)
08) daft punk – da funk (luki remix)
09) underworld – ring road (autokratz left hand drive mix)
10) santigold- l.e.s. artistes (zodiac cartel remix)
11) vitalic – your disco song (docipede mix)
12) run dmc – my adidas (pilotpriest remix)