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Facebook and Twitter

Just a quick note to let you know Snowdenology is representing on Facebook and Twitter. Use the links below to connect with us and get notifications when we update new content and features. Lots of cool stuff is planned for this year around our site, as Snowden moves forward with a new EP, album, and hopefully extensive touring.

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Hear New Tales To Tell A Month Early!

WOXY will be airing a preview of the New Tales To Tell (Love And Rockets Tribute Album) at the following times and then on demand afterwards. Make sure to check it out if you can’t wait until July 28 to get your Snowden fix!

Airing: Wed. July 1 @ 9pm, Thur. July 2 @ 6pm, Sat. July 4 @ 4pm, and Sun, July 5 @ Noon.

In case you didn’t know, WOXY has recently been purchased from LaLa by Future Sounds (who also manage Jordan). Future Sounds founder Larry Little also hosts a weekly feature of the same name on Woxy and they have been airing a demo (Don’t Really Know Me) from the new album, so you just might want to check it out. Plenty of linkage below!


And We’re Live

So, here we are. Just moments ago I unlocked the front door to and welcomed you all to view the initial results of my study of all things Snowden: snowdenology. The main portions of this site are as follows.

Some Songs Your Mother Sang:  A study of all the many wonderful songs of Snowden. In this section you will currently find lyrics, writing / performing credits, and live performances. Initially clicking a song will show all the different versions of that song. By clicking on a particular version you will get the detailed results including lyrics and live versions of that particular version. At this time, as you will notice, many songs are missing lyrics. This will be fixed very soon. There is also a search tool available to find songs containing a provided search criteria. The search will soon be upgraded to inclue more options. Also coming soon, expanded “versions” results for song listing including information / cross references for releases containing that version.

Stay At Home: This is the live performances section of the site. Here you will be able to view information on Snowden live performances past, present, and future. Detailed information including venues, events, and setlists [when available] are provided. Also available is a search utlitity with several options [more coming soon]. I am currently seeking more setlist information, so if you have anything you would like to contribute please email me:

Discog: Here you will find information on releases by Snowden, including albums, singles, compilations, etc. Physical and digital releases are included and when mutiple versions of a release exist, details for each version are given. Note that as with other portions of the site, information is cross-linked wherever possible. This means when viewing a tracklisting for a release, you can click on the song to jump to that “SSYMS” entry for it. Expanded discography features including search and pictures are coming very soon.

This is simply the intial rollout of and you will be seeing many changes coming soon. I hope you enjoy what you see, and if you have anything to contribute please let me know by email:



Can You hear me? I messed up.

That’s right, due to unforeseen amount of work remaining, we are delaying the launch to Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 10:00 AM. Losing patience? Rest assured the delay is to ensure that the site goes live with the complete experience, well ummm… complete. :] Stay tuned.


Friend Us

Snowdenology is now on facebook, brightkite, and twitter. Links are at the bottom of this post so click and add to stay in touch! Discography is coming together now,  and putting finishing touches on other sections. We go live June 15th so be sure to come by and check it out.

breathmint Launch Delay


So I got a little extra busy with work the last 2 weeks, and as a consequence had no time at all to work on snowdenology. The previous June 1 launch has, therefore, been pushed back 2 weeks to June 15. At that time I plan to be running the SSYMS [Songs], Stayathome [touring], and the as-of-yet-untitled discography sections. More soon…

breathmint Site Updates

It’s been busy busy around here, getting together the core of All is looking good for the planned June 1 beta launch. Some Songs Your Mother Sang (song listing, information, lyrics, etc.) has been live for a few weeks now, and as of this morning Stay At Home (shows: past, present, and future + setlists etc. section) is live. These sections are both password restricted for now. If you’d like access email

Next up, discography. I’ll also try to keep site updates more regular here. In addition, look for update feeds real soon too!