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Hear New Tales To Tell A Month Early!

WOXY will be airing a preview of the New Tales To Tell (Love And Rockets Tribute Album) at the following times and then on demand afterwards. Make sure to check it out if you can’t wait until July 28 to get your Snowden fix!

Airing: Wed. July 1 @ 9pm, Thur. July 2 @ 6pm, Sat. July 4 @ 4pm, and Sun, July 5 @ Noon.

In case you didn’t know, WOXY has recently been purchased from LaLa by Future Sounds (who also manage Jordan). Future Sounds founder Larry Little also hosts a weekly feature of the same name on Woxy and they have been airing a demo (Don’t Really Know Me) from the new album, so you just might want to check it out. Plenty of linkage below!


Keep Quiet

As the days roll by, we continue to get snippets about what’s coming next for Snowden, but major details are as-of-yet unrevealed, which leads to some interesting questions. Over the last few weeks/months, in various blurbs, we have come to find out new management has been finalized, the album is done and just needs to be retracked and mixed, it will be preceeded with an EP of exclusive material, and at least 2 live dates are approaching in Atlanta (July 3 @ The Earl) & Miami (June 6 @ White Room /┬áPOPLIFE 10 Year Anniversary).

What we do not know -

  • Has a new label been signed to?
  • What is the title of the record?
  • What is the real timeframe for a new full tour?

Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.