Buy Anti-Anti 2×12″ for $10 !

Wow!! I just happened to be looking through Jade Tree for something else and noticed that Anti-Anti is on sale. You can now get the beautifully well done (thanks Stickfigure) 2×12″ gatefold edition of Anti-Anti for only $10 ! That’s a whopping 40% discount over Stickfigure’s $17 pricemark (sorry guys, in this economy you gotta save where you can). You can also pick up the CD for $10 and the poster for $3. Enjoy kids!

Anti-Anti 2×12″ – $10

Anti-Anti CD – $10

Anti-Anti Poster – $3


p.s. I already owned this but just picked up three extra copies, so if they are running low you better act quick ;)