And We’re Live

So, here we are. Just moments ago I unlocked the front door to and welcomed you all to view the initial results of my study of all things Snowden: snowdenology. The main portions of this site are as follows.

Some Songs Your Mother Sang:  A study of all the many wonderful songs of Snowden. In this section you will currently find lyrics, writing / performing credits, and live performances. Initially clicking a song will show all the different versions of that song. By clicking on a particular version you will get the detailed results including lyrics and live versions of that particular version. At this time, as you will notice, many songs are missing lyrics. This will be fixed very soon. There is also a search tool available to find songs containing a provided search criteria. The search will soon be upgraded to inclue more options. Also coming soon, expanded “versions” results for song listing including information / cross references for releases containing that version.

Stay At Home: This is the live performances section of the site. Here you will be able to view information on Snowden live performances past, present, and future. Detailed information including venues, events, and setlists [when available] are provided. Also available is a search utlitity with several options [more coming soon]. I am currently seeking more setlist information, so if you have anything you would like to contribute please email me:

Discog: Here you will find information on releases by Snowden, including albums, singles, compilations, etc. Physical and digital releases are included and when mutiple versions of a release exist, details for each version are given. Note that as with other portions of the site, information is cross-linked wherever possible. This means when viewing a tracklisting for a release, you can click on the song to jump to that “SSYMS” entry for it. Expanded discography features including search and pictures are coming very soon.

This is simply the intial rollout of and you will be seeing many changes coming soon. I hope you enjoy what you see, and if you have anything to contribute please let me know by email: