Black Eyes Remix - 1 version

Title: Black Eyes Remix
Release Type: Digital
Release Date: 2006-07-19
Format: Download
Label: Self Released
Country: Global

Since this was download only and casually posted, there isn't any significant "track order." Listing below is in order of the original release post. From a blog by Preston: DJDJ Dylan recreated the song virtually track for track, giving all the original melodies and sounds an electro/disco treatment. Honestly, my favorite thing he did was take the ending chant of Black Eyes and make it the core of the new song. It’s quite funny watching people singing along to “Don’t wanna sing it now, don’t wanna shake shake shake…” while they’re dancing their asses off.

1) Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania Disco Remix)
2) Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania Disco Remix Edit)
3) Black Eyes
4) Black Eyes Acoustic