Untitled Demo - 1 version

Title: Untitled Demo
Release Type: Unreleased
Release Date: 2005-00-00
Format: Download
Country: Global

Though, never "released" this set of songs which are essentially the rough demos which would later become 2006's debut album Anti-Anti were somehow circulated amongst the band's inner circle and early fans. Eventually the set was leaked in the months leading up to the album release. Three of these songs - Good News, Trust Me, and Alright - did not make the final album. There are also several songs which ended up on Anti-Anti which were not on included on this demo, presumably because they had not yet been written. Some of these, though, were later leaked (again as unfinished or unmixed versions) shortly before the album release.

1) Like Bullets
2) Anti-Anti
3) Innocent Heathen
4) Filler is Wasted
5) Black Eyes
6) My Murmuring Darling
7) Kill The Power
8) Good News
9) Trust Me
10) Alright
11) Stop Your Bleeding